Vision, Mission & Priorities


Ministry of Women Affairs’ Vision

Afghanistan is a progressive and peaceful country where all men and women benefit from security, equal rights and opportunities in different life aspects.

Ministry of Women Affairs’ Strategy:

eliminating discrimination against women, human resource development of women, promoting women’s leadership to ensure their equal and comprehensive participation in all life aspects.

Ministry of Women Affairs’ mission:

all of the sections, institutions and persons are responsible to include women’s issues and gender equality concerns in the government’s function from policy development to budgeting, planning, projects, services, activities as well as hiring, orientation, promotions, privileges and opportunities and the Ministry of Women’s Affairs monitors this process.

Ministry of Women Affairs’ main purposes:

  1. Elimination of discrimination against women;
  2. Women’s human resource development
  3. Women’s participation in leadership and decision making.

Ministry of Women Affairs’ main objectives:

  • eliminating any sign of violence against women
  • promoting women’s awareness and training them
  • Reducing poverty, unemployment, and women’s mortality rate;
  • gender mainstreaming in government institutions and society
  • providing opportunities for progressing women;
  • women empowerment for management and leadership;
  • promoting women’s participation and effectiveness in providing public services;
  • promoting women’s access to employment, education, justice, information and media.