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 The voice of Afghan Women in Defense of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

October 11.2020


During the last four decades of war in the country, Afghan women have suffered a lot in social, economic, political and cultural spheres and have experienced sufferings and countless victims at both community and family level.

They became homeless because of war and lost their guardians; such as, father, spouse, son, brother and other family members.

 Women have never been involved in the conflict, but in order to ensure peace in the country, they have referred to different addresses to put an end to this war, which takes the lives of our innocent compatriots every day including men and women, youth and children.

To achieve peace in the country, Afghan women have  carried out important and significant activities from various addresses of government, non-government, civil society, associations, and networks to the provincial capital through consensus, conferences, campaigns, letters to leaders in the country and abroad.

Now, once again, Afghan women in the center and across the country have gathered in 34 provinces and through a campaign under the slogan (voice of Afghan women in defense of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan)  want their voice to be heard by the parties involved in peace talks  and the world upon the issuance of this resolution:

  1. We,  the Afghan women call on negotiating teams (The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban) for an immediate ceasefire and an end to the war and bloodshed of innocent Afghan people.
  2. According to the world Ulema’s Fatwa; Muslim fights against Muslim is not permissible. With taken into consideration of this Fatwa, we, Afghan women call on the religious scholars to work for the promotion of peace culture , preservation of  national, religious values and identities to strengthen national unity , mutual acceptance and conflict resolution through the mosques.
  3. We, the Afghan women, as the defenders of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, demand and respect the citizenship rights, achievements of the last two decades of all citizens especially women, and the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country.
  4. We, the Afghan women consider the preservation of the country’s constitution as a national obligation, in order to guarantee our civil and political rights in peace negotiations.
  5.  We, the  Afghan women support the public movements and actions of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to achieve lasting and dignified peace, and we emphasize on the continuation of these movements for the establishment of lasting peace in the country.
  6. We Afghan women want to support the families of those affected by the war and the martyrs of the security and civil institutions.
  7. Based on the principle of neighborhood, we afghan women seek the support of neighboring countries and the region for the peace process in Afghanistan and we ask the international community to ensure lasting peace and to provide necessary cooperation to strengthen our country’s defense and security forces.
  8. We Afghan women as responsible citizens want a peaceful life, in acceptance of linguistic; ethnical and religious differences. Because, our beauty lies in ethnic, religious diversities and national unity.

This resolution has an introduction and nine articles, taken into consideration this is approved 15700 views collected from women in all 34 provinces.