Violence Against Women is Violence against Mankind


16 Days of Activism - End Violence Against Women

Ministry of Women's Affairs Announcement on the occasion of the 16 Days of Activism - End Violence Against Women

“Violence does not exist in Islamic law, Afghan tradition and culture”- Mohammad Ashraf Ghani.

This year, the Ministry of Women's Affairs has launched a 16-day campaign to end violence against women under the theme: "Let's make Afghanistan free of violence through cohesion, coordination, financial support and accountability".

Violence is a pervasive phenomenon not only in Afghanistan, but all over the world. To prevent and eradicate it, different institutions struggle for it.

Struggles to eliminate all forms of violence and discrimination against women and to pave the way for ensuring the fundamental rights of women in accordance to Sharia law of the holy religion of Islam, Afghanistan Constitution, Elimination of Violence Against Women (EVAW) law, Anti- Harassment Against Women and Children law, Prohibition of Excessive Wedding Expenses law, and implementation of international conventions such as the Action Plan of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women's Peace and Security, International Convention on Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEADAW) and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

 This year, on the eve of the end of 16-days campaign to end violence against women, the Ministry of Women's Affairs shares the findings of effective activities which have been done in the center and provinces without any support of foreign and external partners.

With a new initiative, the ministry has taken a step towards efficiency and quality that conducted a door – to – door survey with participation of around 2000 people in 34 provinces including 1,200 people in districts and remote areas. Based on the findings MoWA plans for implementing new programs to ensure reducing violence in a better way.

The Ministry of Women's Affairs, while appreciating the passionate compatriots and the Women and Children Research Institute who supported us voluntarily in developing the survey report and called for a new way of cooperation and to encourage others to combat the ominous phenomenon of violence against women without any materialistic expectation.

The main findings of the survey show that the key roots and factors of violence against women are: rule of obscene customs, addiction, gender discrimination in families, poverty, illiteracy, lack of women's inheritance rights, non-implementation of laws in some areas, heavy labor of women, lack of women’s participation in judiciary in the provinces, and the lack of safe houses havens within the government structure for women at risk of violence. The aforementioned elements are considered as major issues that have exposed women to all forms of violence. Provided that, Ministry of Women’s Affairs proposed the presence of women in leadership as deputy governors in local governance, which it was honored and got approved by H.E. President.

We believe that by implementing this strategy, women at the local government level will have better programs and more attention and efforts to prevent violence, increase access to justice, and in general to protect women.

Actions taken by Ministry of Women's Affairs during the sixteen-day campaign in the center and provinces:

Conducting campaigns, proposing a special decree on pardoning and mitigating the punishment of female inmates and prisoners who are breastfeeding, monitoring the shelters and deprivation of liberty center, distributing medical packages for victims of violence, raising awareness, launching an essay writing contest on Prohibition of Violence Against Women, awareness campaigns through TV and radio spots, holding roundtables on reducing violence against women, organize mass weddings with the help of some entrepreneurs, provide cash assistance to poor women, hold meetings with judges to find solutions to their work in the provinces and other similar activities.

Ministry of Women's Affairs at the end of 16-day of activism campaign in order to create cohesion, strong coordination and accountability to eliminate violence against women with effective plans in the field of balanced and quality services is committed to women's economic empowerment, monitoring the implementation of laws in elimination of violence.

  • The Ministry of Women's Affairs calls on all people, especially families and parents to eradicate the practice of violent customs and traditions, gender discrimination that is contrary to the sacred religion of Islam and the Afghan tradition. By educating our children in a compassionate atmosphere of philanthropy and mutual respect, let us remove the violence from the hotbed of our families and society, which causes entanglement, psychological disorders and run away from houses.
  • The Ministry of Women's Affairs calls on the respected Mullas, kindergarten staffs, school teachers, university professors, and officials to create a non-violent environment for education, training, and peaceful work environment.
  • The Ministry of Women's Affairs calls on the media to increase effective educational, training and entertainment programs in accordance with Islamic laws and culture, replacing other foreign- introduced programs that are contrary to our culture and law, and calls for the implementation of media laws regarding the confidentiality of cases of violence against Women whose non-observance causes harm again and exposes the victim once again to insult, humiliation and murder.
  • The Ministry of Women's Affairs calls on all national and international organizations defending women's rights to design and implement effective programs in accordance with Islamic law and Afghan culture in close coordination with us.
  • The Ministry of Women's Affairs calls on all security departments and institutions to be more careful in detecting and preventing incidents of violence against women, and is committed and ready for any kind of monitoring and cooperation to create a system that does not re-offend, humiliate and violence victims.
  • The Ministry of Women's Affairs is committed to cooperate with all responsible institutions and departments in the field of raising public awareness from cities to districts, from the mosques to schools, universities, health centers and all areas that provide services to women with coherence, commitment and harmony.
  • The Ministry of Women's Affairs calls on the responsible departments to implement the labor law more accurately and is committed to women's access to justice and the publication of findings and reports on the implementation of the said law.



Ministry of Women's Affairs