Ministry of Women affairs celebrated girl’s day with a glorious ceremony.

Wed, Oct 14 2020 10:59 AM

From the international girl’s day celebrated with the presence It Hssina Saffi Acting Minister for Ministry of Women Affairs, Ministers Education, Hajj and religious affairs, Labor and Social Affairs, Information and Culture, Deputy ministers, Representatives of Civil socially and Women’s Networks and Central Directors of Ministry of Women Affairs within the Ministry.

In this ceremony, Hassina Saffi Acting Minister for Ministry of Women Affairs during the speech said righteous children are valuable for their parents in their life. Girls are a symbol of patience, endurance and dignity for their families.

Ms. Saffi added: strengthen, support and inspire girls at all levels and give them a share in various fields causes they have more confident and they can introduce stronger their family, culture and country in world.

After two panels Ministers of education, Information and Culture, Hajj and religious, health and directors of women’s networks and academy of sciences said about their offices plans and aims for girls in the country and the position of girls in the dimension of history.

It is mentionable, International Girl's Day has been declared by the United Nations. On October 11, 2012, this day was commemorated for the first time every year in support of more opportunities for girls and to raise awareness of the gender inequality that girls face around the world because of their gender.