Biography of Alhaj Delbar Nazari

Biography of Alhaj Delbar Nazari

Minister of Women’s Affairs of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

H.E. Delbar Nazari, daughter of Abdul Nazar, was born in 1956 in a religious and intellectual family in Samangan, a northern province of Afghanistan.

She passed her childhood in a loving family environment and learned primary knowledge from her parents. When Delbar Nazari turned seven, she was admitted to school for further education and completed her primary, intermediate, and secondary studies at Mahste High School in Kholm District of Samangan Province. After graduating from school, she participated in the Kankor test, and was admitted to Balkh University and succeeded in the Literature Faculty, Departments of English and Dari, graduating in 1978.        

Based on her deep interest in education, Delbar Nazari did not rely on her educational skills and successfully passed the second Kankor test and joined Faiz Mohammad Kateb University Political Science Faculty, International Relations Department and earned her second bachelor’s degree.

H.E. Nazari has worked in different organizations to serve her compatriots, such as Oxfam organization providing humanitarian aid for two years, German Agro Action Organization for three years, UNICEF organization educator in Samangan province for two years, and as a trainer in the first round of presidential election in Balkh and Samangan provinces.

After accomplishing her education degrees and achieving the opportunity, she was elected as Parliament Member by Samangan citizens to serve the country, especially women, from 2005 until 2010.  She served as a member of the Cultural & Religious Affairs Committee of Wolesi Jirga. Subsequently, based on H.E Nazari outstanding performance record and loyal service, she was selected as Legal Advisor of First Deputy of Wolesi Jirga from 2012 to 2013.       

In addition, Delbar Nazari worked as a gender employee in General Directorate of Electronic ID Cards in 2014. Consequently, the positive achievements of the Minister during her service in the different aspects of social life are significant, but the most prominent is her advocacy and support of women's rights.

Ms. Nazari has participated in management, gender, and women’s rights seminars from the prospective of Islam religion. In the 15th round of Parliament, she served on many official parliamentary trips to Tashkent, Kazakhstan, India, Iran, USA, and Canada and has made great achievements for the country. The current Minister of Women’s Affairs has never hesitated in providing cooperation and sacrifice regarding the development of Afghan women in different social, political, economic, and cultural fields. She has always strived for the day that women should not be victims of violence, and live in a peaceful and safe environment.          

In addition to her native Uzbek language, H.E. Nazari is fluent in Pashto, Dari, and English languages. She has an admirable ability in the International Relations field, and is considered a well-known and successful woman of Afghanistan. During her years of service, she has been recognized through different administrations, and has received the Honesty and Loyalty Medals in performing assigned duties and many appreciation certificates throughout her career. In addition, Delbar Nazari has the unique characteristic of assigning competent people to perform government duties and follows the merit principle when hiring employees.