Minister's Speeches

Message of Minister of Women’s Affairs on the Occasion of June 14 (Mother’s Day)


Dear Kind Mothers;

Please accept the most sympathetic greetings and congratulations of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs Leadership on the occasion of Mother’s Day. The ministry bows to painful mothers of our dear country who still heroically tolerate vast matricide and miseries alongside their families, society, and the government.

Dear Countrymates;

Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan efforts to ensure physical and spiritual health of mothers based on the provision of article 54 of Afghanistan Constitution. “Family is the fundamental pillar of the society and shall be protected by the state. The state shall adopt necessary measures to attain physical and spiritual health of the family, especially of the child and mother, upbringing of children, as well as the elimination of related traditions contrary to the principles of the sacred religion of Islam.” Ministry of Women’s Affairs has always emphasized on celebration of Mother’s Day, better social, economic, and cultural services delivery of the interrelated entities for mothers suffering anemia, malnutrition, decreasing pregnant women mortality while delivery, ensuring women’s equal access to facilities and employment opportunities and similar education, discounting punishment and detention terms pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and elderly women.

Sincerely yours

Alhaj Delbar Nazari, Minister of Women’s Affairs