Biography of Ms. Nabila Musleh,Administrative and Finance Minister.

Nabila Musleh is Gender Equality Specialist with 18 years of working experience in different fields including administration, policy making, aid effectiveness, gender mainstreaming, monitoring, and public administration reforms.  She has a Master degree in Public Policy and Public Administration (MPPA) from Kabul/Washington State Universities. She has served the Ministry of Women Affairs for more than three years as a technical advisor to create and develop a National Gender Machinery Secretariat within MoWA to support coordination of sector wide gender mainstreaming efforts.  She served many ministries in different capacities and supported development programs of donors and embassies in the field of gender integration, monitoring and evaluation. She supported the ministries of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) in the design of two national programs. As an Aid Coordination Officer, she supported the Ministry of Finance in developing the first AID Policy and was involved in the process of developing the Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS) and NAPWA. Through her work with the Independent Civil Service Commission, she was part of a dynamic team to manage development projects of donors supporting civil service reforms.  She has working experience with donors and embassies such as USAID, GIZ, UNDP, UN Women, WB, German, Australian and Canadian embassies.   Her core competencies include developing policies and strategies, gender integration and women and girls’ right empowerment into development programs, supporting drafting of national strategies and action plans, designing new gender/development programs, implementing programs and projects, building skills and knowledge, conducting assessments on gender and development issues, and monitoring and evaluation.