MoWA Activities in Relation to Parliamentary and Lower House Election Processes and Introduction of Female Searchers at the Provincial Level

  • Signed protocol with six respective agencies to attract women along with their Mahrams for conducting search in cities, districts and villages.
  • Signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Central Statistics and Population Records Department to attract women and their Mahram families. So far, a total of 42,516 men and women have received National Identity Cards (NID)/Tazkira.
  • Collected list of women with their Mahrams by Women's Affairs Departments. In the first phase, 2,859 women from the cities and in the second phase, 12,226 women from the districts along with their Mahrams have been collected. They are still working on third and final phase to collect list of women introduced by provinces for the election process.
  • Registered beneficiaries of Protection centers (Safe Houses) in the election process.
  • Coordinated Women's Affairs Departments in terms of filling Tazkira forms and guaranteeing women and their families.
  • Conducted awareness programs, interviews regarding obtaining of Tazkira (NID) and the right to vote by Women’s Affairs Departments in the provinces.
  • Monthly paid 12,000 AFN for each woman along with their Mahrams in the first, second and third phase and then hired them in military units based on their requests and coordination with armed forces to build their capacities and self-sufficiency of women and their families.
  • Advocated for two female employees of the Independent Election Commission (IEC), one of whom died and the other injured in a car accident on their way to office in Nimroz.
  • Prepared contracts of female searchers by Ministry of Women’s Affairs.
  • Prepared recruitment policies and conditions to hire women in election process.
  • Coordinated with respective agencies to improve women’s condition in provinces.
  • Advocated Women’s Affairs Departments to monitor registration centers of the election process.
  • Advocated for women’s registration in detention centers and developed procedure by members of the security unit of IEC.
  • Maintained relations, phone and e-mail contacts, sent letters, prepared lists and presented continued reports.



  • Families don’t allow women to register and obtain Tazkira (NID) in the provinces.
  • People’s distrust towards elections.
  • Lack of security in villages and districts.
  • Slow distribution process of Tazkira (NID).
  • Disapproval of women’s lists in election process by the provincial authorities (Herat, Nangarhar and Uruzgan)
  • Availability of male polling centers (Male Schools) which has marginalized women’s presence on these sites.
  • Postponement of female searchers’ salaries in the election process.

Prepared by: Zakia Barialay, Election Focal Point and Hamida Amiri, Coordination Advisor