President’s Message on the Occasion of Mother’s Day

In the name of Allah

Congratulate the 14th of June (Mother’s Day) to all the countrymen, especially to the mothers.

Honoring mother means honoring the humanity and to appreciate mother means to focus on the bright future of the next generation and success of the whole society. Family puts the foundation of a society while mother is like the heart and spirit of the family. If a mother is happy, if women are being respected and if they are provided the opportunity of a successful life, it means we have taken a vital step towards happiness and prosperity of family and the society.

Mothers have exclusive place in the Islamic culture. Respecting mother is considered as high values that is emphasized by the Islamic Sharia and linked it to the salvation of hereafter. According to some Islamic texts, Allah’s consent is connected with mother’s consent and attempting to keep her content is considered to keep Allah’s content.

When a mother feels honored and rest assured that she is respected and her rights are reserved, the distresses and hardships she has suffered will become felicific. This is an example that will cause others to be proud of their motherhood in the society. Mother, whose life is associated with sacrifices and devotion and through the reverences and loves, she receives her unmatched love, motive and fervency will be twofold.

Nurturing a new generation by such mothers’ help love and passion to institutionalize and sodality and benevolence become their nature. Ethics and virtues are of the important teachings transferred by such mothers and enlighten their lives.

As our holy religion has emphasized more on the position of mothers, they are very respectful in our literature and culture, but regrettably our mothers are deprived of more blessings due poverty, war and violations and live their lives vulnerably.

Afghanistan is still a country with one of the world’s highest maternal mortality rates. Though Afghanistan has taken important measures in recent year to decrease the rate of maternal mortality, there is still much to do. We have clear commitments regarding improvement of women’s health and attracting international assistances as this issue is a priority for us.

The Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is committed to strive for eliminating any type of discrimination against women, strengthening mothers’ place and delivering good services to them. It is the duty of the government that by taking necessary steps, decrease mothers’ mortality, especially traumas caused by giving birth, try to minimize pain and suffering of mothers and provide a sound and vigorous life for them.

At the end, once again I congratulate Mother’s Day and ask everyone to work together to provide a better life for them.


Mohammad Ashraf Ghani,

President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan