Inauguration of Women's Handicraft Exhibition on the Occasion of The Mother’s Day

On June 11, 2018, MoWA inaugurated women’s handicraft exhibition on the occasion of the Mother’s Day in Shahr Ara Garden.

Ms. Nabila Musleh, Administrative and Finance Deputy of Women’s Affairs inaugurated the exhibition and considered economic empowerment of women one of the main objective of the National Unity Government. “Economic empowerment of women is a part of MoWA’s plan and inaugurating handicraft’s exhibition is one of the ways to strengthen women’s economy. To support the Afghan women’s trade, we should use domestic products and women’s handicrafts.” She added.

She further expressed her optimism on creating a women’s chamber of commerce and also talked about the integration of businesswomen, exhibitions, training centers and women's markets.


This exhibition lasted for three days (from June 11 to June 13) in Shahr Ara garden.