Technical and Policy Deputy Minister Women’s Affairs Meets Head of Promote Project

On May 20,2018, Alhaj Spoghmai Wardak, Technical and Policy Deputy Minister of Women’s Affairs met Ms. Susanne E. Jalbert, Head of the Promote project. The purpose of this meeting was to introduce the newly assigned head of Promote project, provide information about new programs, and continue cooperation with each other.  

Ms. Wardak thanked for the coordination and cooperation of ex-head of Promote project, and appreciated training programs in capacity building and leadership provided to girls and women.

Later, the newly appointed head of Promote Project appreciated the cooperation and support of MoWA and talked about the new programs of the Promote. She said: “We are drafting three policies and all these programs will benefit the Afghan women, we also plan to jointly work with MoWA on the implementation of National Gender Policy.” She also talked about Prohibition of Harassment Policy and Supporting Women’s Capacity Building Policy.

The Technical and Policy Deputy Minister appreciated new policies of this project and declared MoWA’s cooperation in the implementation of those policies. She added: “These policies are in line with ministry’s goals and we want to be involved in their implementation.” At the end she demanded action plans for each of the policies.