Minister of Women’s Affairs meets Egypt’s Chargé d'affaires

Alhaq Delbar Nazari, Minister of Women’s Affairs met Mr. Ahmad Hemam, Egypt’s Chargé d'affaires at MoWA. They talked about establishing a services office for Islamic countries women in Egypt.

Chargé d'affaires of Egypt’s Embassy talked about establishing services office and said: “Egypt has considered establishing a services office for Islamic countries women to provide services for their progress, and Afghanistan is a part of the four Islamic Countries (Iran, Indonesia, Turkey) that has the membership of this office. After approval and endorsement of this agreement it will officially start its operations”.

He also asked MoWA’s cooperation for the approval and endorsement of this agreement and added: “Some of the member countries have endorsed this agreement, but Afghanistan has not yet announced its stance”.

The Minister of Women's Affairs thanked the Egyptian embassy for the Afghan women's membership in this office and said: “We appreciate the opening of this office to provide services to enhance the capacity and capabilities of women in Islamic countries and the participation of Afghan women in this office, and we want the representative of Afghanistan to be present at the opening ceremony of this office”.

  At the end, Minister of Women's Affairs asked for written information on the establishment of the office and a list of member countries.  Egypt’s Chargé d'affaires promised that they will provide the documents to the Ministry as soon as possible.