Gender Expansion Working Group’s Meeting

On May 12, 2018, Gender Expansion Working Group conducted its first meeting, led by Alhaj Dilbar Nazari, Minister of Women’s Affairs, in the presence of representatives from governmental agencies inside Zainab Cinema Hall. 

According to them, the purpose of this meeting was to present report on activities of gender equality committees related to governmental agencies and follow-up on implementation of provincial symposium plan of the respective agencies.

At first, Alhaj Delbar Nazari, the Minister of Women's Affairs talked about the purpose of the meeting, and regarding the collection of reports on the functions of the Gender Equality Committee, she unified all the agencies and ordered its provision by the Ministry of Women's Affairs to the Gender Committee of the Cabinet and added: "According to the proposal of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, the Committee on Gender and Women's Affairs of the Cabinet has called on government departments to establish a Gender Equality Committee (GEC) to further understand achievements and challenges ahead of gender equality and share them with government leadership positions and find better solutions. "

Then, representatives from some of the government departments, who attended the meeting, talked about achievements of gender offices and added that they consider building women's capacity as well as conducting awareness and education programs as basic achievements. They also hinted that low level of women’s participation in decision-making areas are considered as one of the main problems for women.

The Technical and Policy Deputy Minister for MoWA further spoke on the follow-up to the implementation of the North Zone Symposium Plan and added: "The Ministry of Women's Affairs has put together a plan for the implementation of the resolutions on two provincial symposiums which were approved by the president and shared with respective agencies for implementation. We hope that the relevant departments will share their activities with us. "

Recently, the Minister of Women's Affairs, while summarizing the issues presented, considered participation of deputy ministers and directors of relevant government agencies necessary at the meetings of the gender working groups and added that it is necessary to provide a written report on the activities of gender committees to underline basic problems of women.

It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Women's Affairs, during two provincial symposiums in Balkh and Kandahar, collected rural women's problems, set up an action plan for the solution, that was approved by the president too, and it was decided that all government departments are accountable for implementation of this Action Plan based on their responsibilities, and the Ministry of Women's Affairs is responsible for monitoring and follow-up of the implementation of this plan.