Economic Empowerment of Women is a Serious Need of the Afghan society

On Tuesday, June 19, 2018, Alhaj Spoghmai Wardak, Policy and Technical Deputy Minister of Women’s Affairs met International Executive Service Corps (IESC) and AECOM that are building women’s capacity at her office. They discussed about women’s economic empowerment all over Afghanistan and said, “The women’s economic empowerment is a social need.”

She talked about the needs of women in economy, economic strategy implementation of MoWA, women’s job security strategy implementation, rights of ownership policy implementation for women and asked the above organizations to declare their support and take step to empower women’s economy.

And meanwhile Spoghmai Wardak talked about condition of work in Afghanistan and women’s need in different provinces and considered businesswomen’s problems are of lack of appropriate work environment, domestic and international markets for products made by Afghan women. “Afghan women have role in dairy processing, handicrafts, tailoring, carpet weaving, embroidery, food processing, vegetable growing, and tens of other parts, but their roles are underestimated due to lack domestic and international markets for sale. There should be a general survey all over Afghanistan to find out women’s needs in different provinces and to conduct professional trainings so they can do their work better and professionally.” She added.

At the end the deputy minister and the partner organizations promised their bilateral cooperation to proceed economic empowerment programs for women.