Biography of Dr. Husn Banu Ghazanfar


Biography of

   Dr. Hussun Banu Ghazanfar

Dr. Hussun Banu Ghazanfar was born on 1957 (1336 Solar Year) in Balkh Province in a very educated family. Her family tree meets to Shahrukh Mirza and Queen Gohar Shad. Mir Ghazanfar, her ancestor, was one of Amir’s of North of the country.  These all things show that her family is related to political, cultural, and economical school of thought.

Before going to school she learned how to write and read from her father. She started writing literatures when she was in class seventh. She graduated from Sultan Razia High School and after passing entry test got admitted in Literature faculty at Kabul University. After spending one year she went to North Qifqas for her higher Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. After completing her education she came back to Kabul and joined Kabul University as a lecturer in the Faculty of Languages and Literature. After two years she went to Saint Petersburg and joined Petersburg University. She got her PhD in the year 1367 in Languages and once again she joined Kabul University as a lecturer.

She used to write columns, translations of social, philosophical, sociological, Psychological literatures and books until the new government took control.

During the transitional government she remained busy in the University of Kabul in Languages & Literature Department. She was selected as a Dean of Faculty for the same department because of her hard work and being active during her working tenure.

After getting vote of confidence from the parliament in 2006, introduced by the President of Afghanistan, she was selected as a Minister of Women’s Affairs.

It was her hard work and struggle for Afghan women that she successfully got vote of confidence from the parliament for the second time. During this period a lot of achievements have been added in her success stories as a Minister of Women’s Affairs.






First Report on the Implmetation of the Elimination of Violence against Women (EVAW) Law in Afghanistan